Hicksville - Dylan Horrocks' Website

Dylan has an excellent site, full of great links and examples of his work.

Comics Australia - Officer Pupp Review

Another good resource for anyone interested in Australiasian comics and comics creators.

RedKidsCo.Nz - Toby Morris' Website

Creator of Officer Pup and all round terrific chap. Check out his many other creations on this choice site.

The Hotel Fred - Roger Langridge's Website

A stalwart of the New Zealand comics scene. Currently living and working in the UK, lucky ol' him!

Little Projecta Studios - Lars Cawley's Studio

Another galley slave toiling at the oars of New Zealand comics.

Ant Sang - Ant Sang!

As above, so below.

Comic Book Factory - Karl Wills' Site

Row, you bastard, row!

Silver Bullet Comics - Comics Webzine

Without their kind support these pages would not exist.


Silver Bullet Hosting - Where This JaredLane.Com Is Hosted



Funtime Comics - Cover Art

Where I cut my comic art teeth!


New Zealand Comics Register

Information on nearly every cartoonist currently working in New Zealand. A fantastic resource,




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